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Price Deflation Of Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Perfect For Long-Term Investment

May 13, 2008

If foreclosures in Fort Lauderdale real estate continue to rise in the next few months, then the value of these residential units will continue to deflate; which is a perfect opportunity for acquisitions as form of long-term investments.

Mortgage Problems Continue To Deflate Residential Values

The U.S. housing slump brought much anguish to individuals in the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale. Unable to pay their mortgage loans, the number of foreclosure tripled this year, which caused the number of unsold homes to rise at an alarming rate. Despite these problems, interest rates on mortgage loans continue to rise, which makes it almost impossible for local investors in getting the finances they need to acquire such luxury.

But despite this issue, real estate experts and analysts all agree that this is a perfect opportunity to acquire properties for long-term investments. If the number of foreclosed units continue to rise, then it is quite possible that the prices for these real estate might go down – making it a good year for investing in one.

The median price of homes early this year slid down by 14 percent; thus arriving at an approximate value of $310,000 as compared to $360,000 in later months of 2007. If the number of unsold homes continue to rise, then it might be possible that the prices will dip even further to the advantage of many investors.

According to real estate agencies, the price deflation is affecting the entire nation’s real estate market. The National Association of Realtors reported that the median price of homes at $210,000 will continue to go further down in the following months.

Foreign Investors On The Rise

The deflation of real estate value in Fort Lauderdale did not go unnoticed from the watchful eyes of foreign investors, especially the case of European businessmen. Considering that the currency value of Euros are currently on the rise, while the U.S. currency is on the decline, many European investors are now buying out residential units in prime areas of the city as a form of long term investments.

It is true that the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale, as well as the rest of Florida, is on the path of recovery, these investors projected that the prices will soon soar to unimaginable heights; making it an ideal scenario for bigger profits in the venture.

The local investor is also eyeing the probability of a large return of investments in acquiring real estate properties in Fort Lauderdale. These investors are currently lying low in wait, hoping that the median prices will continue to go down for better deals. In truth, there is no guarantee whether the price will really go up, especially in the real estate business; considering the market is quite shaky in contrast to other business ventures.

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Florida Commercial Real Estate: The Fastest Way For A Return Of Investment

May 7, 2008

Florida is a well known place because of the bountiful tourist spots that the place offers and for that reason, the city’s real estate market has been at its peak for the last couple of years and is continually growing strong paving way for the commercial real estate market of Florida to also boom.

With a huge variety of 5-star hotels and resorts that are opening and continuously growing in number across the state, the economy of Florida is greatly stimulated and along with the entry of a lot of convention goers, tourists and most especially investors, the Florida commercial real estate market is becoming more and more successful just like the residential neighborhoods.

Florida — The Spot For Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Florida is now known to be a place where you can invest your own money and expect that you will be earning a large return on your investment. With the rise of preconstruction opportunities in the city, you will be sure that you are putting your money in a safe property that will give you the highest return for only a short amount of time.

The properties in Florida are also attractive to many investors because of the range in the location, size and amenities that make these properties excellent for even an average investor to take a risk in the real estate business.

However, investing in commercial real estate properties entails more money than investing in any other type of investment property. But if you are someone who has the resources and a born risk taker, you should know that despite the greater need for money in this area of real estate, the returns would really be greater and can be flipped in as little as days especially in Florida as compared to the several months that it usually takes for residential properties.

Categories For Commercial Real Estate Properties

Investing in commercial real estate property in the state of Florida is a very huge decision to make thus it needs a very good amount of studying about the business that you would want to engage in as well as the perfect location where your business should be located. In Florida, there is a wide variety of commercial properties available for a real estate investment. Ranging from office spaces to retail establishments, all you need is to choose the kind of business that you want to be into.

The categories of commercial properties available in Florida include retails properties, investment properties, land brokerages and hotel and resort properties. Retail properties cover shopping malls, chain stores, retail sites, franchise locations and other shops in the town. Investment properties normally include offices, residential properties, rental properties as well as business parks. Industrial parks, waterfront properties and those land tracts fall under the category of land brokerages while convention centers, motels and theme park sites are those that which hotel and resort properties cover.