Pouring Thoughts on Modern Platform Bed

What makes a home exquisite, of course the privilege of it being comfortable and in terms of comfort we are all aware that the bed room offers so much. When we have the addition to the house finished, we will have a new master bedroom. That will leave us with a guest bedroom. I’m entertaining the idea of having a modern platform bed in the guest room. It is a good idea since the guest room will be often used we can at least consider to experiment and see what we can make out of it. We can make a modern platform bed with out own unique design and also our own idea on how big or what will be its look

We have to consider that though modern platform bed frames work with just a mattress, that’s not the real reason most people choose platform beds as their bed frame of choice. It’s the style. Modern Platform beds have a low profile modern look with an undeniably sexy quality that far out way their practical design. And besides, you can turn just about any bed frame into a true platform bed. It is better to be practical on this because you will have the chance to know what your bed look and feels will like.

A true platform bed has a solid platform on which to rest a box spring. However just about any low profile bed frame can easily be converted into a Platform bed with just a quick visit to home depot. Most modern day bed frames come with a series of slats or bars that run across the width and up to the center of the bed. Many people consider all low profile beds to be platform beds when in fact this is technically incorrect. All you need to do is lay down thin squares of plywood and you have yourself a solid platform that can even be used with any mattress including memory mattresses. However for those that doesn’t think a trip to the hardware store is worth it, you can probably get away with skipping it. Most box springs are just wood slats and they’ve been working fine for years. So as long as the slats aren’t too far apart, you can use your mattress without a box spring just like on a platform bed.

So when you’re looking for a European or Asian style modern platform bed, don’t be so concerned about whether the bed has a solid platform or not. Just worry about which platform bed frame style is going to spice up your bedroom furniture collection the most, it is important to consider the values and styles of a modern platform bed, the frames will decide the factors of it and how will it stand in the long haul so you better be at least in the know on things like these. You want style and comfort with your unique modification and creativity; well you have the basics for that.



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