Social networking is the new trend of socializing with other people only that it is done through social sites available in the internet. It is a fun and exciting, not to mention simple way of interacting and connecting with as many other users as you can in the different social networking sites.

It is a way for people to build new relationships or friendships as well as for business purposes. With the wide variety of social networking sites that are already available, you will discover that they offer a lot of different features for its wide array of users.

Variety Of Features

Users create their accounts and complete their profile in these social sites. Some sites or mostly all of the sites that offer social networking services allow their users to upload photos in their image galleries and some even allow the uploading of movies to their profiles. Depending on how much information was put into the profile by the user, other users can search the network thus creating a network for themselves.

The user’s network is completely controlled by him or her and they can choose who they want to be included in their network. There are some social networking sites that have this feature where any person or user can make a personal message to another user which can be read by anyone until such time that the recipient decides to delete the message. Some social sites even have features such as Flash games and other applications that you can customize with for a friendlier mood in your profile.

Downsides Of Social Networking Websites

While engaging in social networking offers a lot of benefits especially for those who do not have so much time socializing with other people the traditional way, it also has its downsides. But of course, these disadvantages can be well prevented with the proper use of these social networking sites.

The most common disadvantage of using social networking websites is that other users take advantage of the information that is being circulated in the network from other users and this is to the detriment of the users who give out very personal information. When completing your profile, it does not necessarily mean that you should put all the information in even though it is already that personal and private. One rule of online life is that you should only give as minimum personal information as possible.

Another disadvantage of these social sites is that once you sign up for free to get your own account, you will have to deal with unwanted messages and other content from certain advertisements common in a lot of networking sites. Sometimes, it is irritating to keep on receiving unwanted mails that you are uninterested about. But the good news is that, there are sites that offer features wherein you can opt not to receive these unwanted mails.

Social networking may have its own disadvantages but overall, it still depends on the way the users make the most out of these social networking services. If they are extra careful with the information that they provide, they are less vulnerable to the risks associated with using these social sites.


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