Choose Your Prepaid Phone Cards Carefully For Better Use

Many are now opting to use prepaid phone cards to maximize their savings than using a regular phone line, especially if you aren’t a frequent phone user.

Rather than paying for a standard monthly fee, along with other hidden charges, on their regular phone line, many are now seeing the benefits of paying for every call they make using these cards.

What is A Prepaid Phone Card?

Prepaid Phone card is a communication tool used to make domestic and international calls using a regular phone line, pay phone, mobile phones, or through the Internet. Instead of paying monthly charges, you are charged for every call you make. Different rates apply for domestic calls and for international ones, depending on the phone card service that you applied for.

When you buy a prepaid phone card, you can either go for disposable ones or those that can be reloaded with credit. Disposable cards have fixed air time credits which will be deducted accordingly every time you make a call. Some cards can be reloaded with air time credits using your credit card. You can either dial the toll-free number at the back of the card, via their Web site, or purchasing them on local retail outlets.

Features Of A Prepaid Phone Card

A prepaid phone card must have a toll-free access numbers indicated on it, as well as a personal identification number or PIN. When you make a call using the card, you first need to dial the access number, and the operator will prompt you for the PIN number, relayed through voice or inputting it using the phone. Some prepaid phone cards can be used on mobile phones and payphones. Others can be used to make calls online through the call card provider’s Web site.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Prepaid Phone Card

Phone cards are considered as a hot item for consumers, and scams and frauds are abreast in the market. You need to make sure that the cards that you purchased have good reviews attached to it, and no hidden charges.

Next, you need to consider that different rates of each cards on both domestic and international calls. You don’t have to stick with one card alone, but instead try to scout around for others that will fit your budget and needs.

Depending on what you will use to make the call, you need to check if the card can be used on mobile phones or pay phones. Some cards only uses regular phone lines, so make sure that you check them out.

If you are in doubt about a prepaid phone card, then you move on to the next. Read carefully the terms and conditions before you buy them, since the type of service, as well as the fees associated with it can be found there. You can also ask around friends and relatives on what card is best for them, and base your decision on their experience.

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