Modern Furniture For The Modern Family

The common family has indeed evolved over the decades. Though some retain the practice of our ancient ancestors, we can see a lot of change in our daily routine.

The evolution of technology definitely helped in turning our life for the better, simplifying all the things we do with just a push of a button. Not only that, the modernization of human consciousness made quite an impact on many designs involving architecture, machinery, and especially furniture.

The Evolution of Furniture

Truth be told, the evolution of the furniture’s design is always based on need. Humankind tends to be lazy, and is always on an endless quest to simplify everything – from doing their daily chores to designing furniture.

To drive the point home, a simple four-legged stool was later converted to include a backrest that increases its comfort while sitting down. Other designers incorporated an armrest, and then another added a curved attachment to the legs to turn it into a rocking chair.

To accommodate more people, and also to be used as a bed, the simple chair is turned into a sofa. Later on, people added cotton to reduce the aches and pains when sitting or lying down on cold wood. Thus the evolution of design goes on, and on, with the limitation on the creativity of the human mind.

From Ancient To Modern Design

As we observe the modern design, we can see a lot of difference with antiques and how furniture was created through the need of the household, especially to the luxury it can project. In truth, modern furniture offers practical designs as a base for luxury that many of its ancient predecessors cannot give to modern families.

Let’s use furniture found in the living room as an example. Before, sofas are just simple wooden contraptions with padded foams to make sitting more comfortable, which can also be used for sleeping. Not only that, the entire set might take up too much room in your living room floor but doesn’t give the comfort that it originally promised.

Modern furniture designs turned this antique fixture into something better – the Phantom Sofa. This work-of-art may look like a simple leather sofa made of wood or stainless steel; but in truth, the phantom sofa is a sectional piece of furniture perfect for the family and for different purposes as well.

It can be divided into three sections depending on position, use and interior design. For starters, the Phantom Sofa has 2 sections complete with an arm and backrest, which can easily accommodate 3 to 4 people each. The third section can be used as a footrest, or as an extension for the other two sections.

We not only see the influence of modern design on living room furniture. Even now, we see plenty of change in the furniture used in the office, bedroom, kitchen, playroom, and so on. Modern design will continue to evolve everything we see, and there’s nothing we can do to halt its progress.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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