MySpace Launches India Social Networking Site

Thursday, April 17 2008 @ 12:15 PM Central Daylight Time MySpace on Thursday officially launched in India, as the world’s most popular social networking website strives to fend off fast-growing rival Facebook in the international arena.

MySpace India is an online community tailored to that country’s culture and boasts industry alliances including a partnership with India’s largest television network Star TV.

“We’re thrilled today to be launching MySpace in one of the world’s most vibrant cultures,” said the News Corporation-owned firm’s international managing director Travis Katz.

“We will be providing the people of India the tools they need to live their lives online and … a launch pad for Indian creators, from developers to musicians to filmmakers, to showcase their talents on the global stage.”

A national college talent search program called “Campus Star” is broadcast on Star TV and features judging by celebrities and members of a MySpace audience. The show can be found online at

MySpace is celebrating the formal launch of the website, which was online previously in a “beta” testing mode, with a
concert in Mumbai headlining rock bands Pentagram, Super Fuzz, and Them Clones.

MySpace will host an event in Bangalore on April 21 for local software developers it wants to inspire to create hip, useful or fun applications for people to use on website profile pages.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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