Florida City Desperately Seeks Seniors To Rent Apartments

Thursday, April 17 2008 @ 12:16 PM Central Daylight Time As a sign of Pembroke Pines’ desperation to fill the affordable rental units built for those 55 and older, you need only drive east on Pines Boulevard off Interstate 75.

The city recently spent $592.50 on six four-by-eight foot signs posted throughout the city, hoping to attract more seniors to rent the one-bedroom apartments that start at $710 a month.

Vacancies have plagued the five-story Pines Place Tower III on University Drive between Pines Boulevard and Pembroke Road. It’s where 170 of the 210 one-bedroom apartments remain empty. The city relies on the money from those rentals to pay back the $26 million construction loan.

On Wednesday, Pines commissioners took up the issue, once again, to reduce the age limit. They unanimously agreed to have Goren return with a solid proposal for commissioners to consider at a future meeting.

Goren’s memo to commissioners on Friday indicated it can be done, but he cautioned that once the age limit is reduced, the apartments would be open to anyone, including families with children.

Allowing children into the apartments could also cost the city about $50,000 in educational impact fees payable to the Broward County School Board.

The city had been exempt from paying it because only people 55 and older would live in the apartments.
It’s a move that’s not popular with some residents.

But Housing Director Jay Shechter said even with the advertisements, not enough seniors are showing interest.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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